Making Movies takes a break from the road to talk to Pete and Steve,

about what makes them one of the most creative and electric bands on the rise today.

Check it out and find them on tour at


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Veterean Southbay players drop some fresh grooves and been-there perspective on the 408 scene with pete and steve, for this months podcast

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Guitarist and cool dude Jeff Gomez (Pinche Poet) stops by the Kenny Jesus Ranch to talk music, quantum entanglement, Van Halen and Jonah Hills arm scar!  And, Jams a little for us, ok alot its a long one this time folks so check it out - Part1 ! -and stay tuned for Part 2!


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Louis Wain & the Cats

This episode of The Kenny Jesus Podcast we talk to Brian and Danny from Louis Wain and the Cats. The guys stopped by the bunny ranch to drop off 2 tracks from their upcoming album. check'em out.


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Pete and Steve drop into Tone Freq Studios for a session with Don Budd. Legendary  producer and owner of the Bay Area recording Studio -Tone Freq Studios. We talk about Don's history as a musician and how his unique approach to recording helps some of our favorite bands sound so good. SSHHhhhh.. Hear That?

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This episode of the Kenny Jesus podcast finds Pete and Steve in Santa Cruz talking to Zach and Steve of StormBat. StormBat hails from Santa Cruz county and is CRUSHING the Metal scene. Be sure to check them out they are available every way you can think of:

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Yeshua & the HighTones

Yeshua and Jarod come down to The Sparta Sports bar and hang out. We talk about Knurling, online media strategies and after parties. Dont miss their next gig!

Pete Munoz:

Steve Robinson:

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Kung Fu Vampire

Kung Fu Vampire has a fireside chat with us, and shares some Hot Tamales. We talk about places to film in San Jose , early influences, being on tour and the Playboy Mansion! Hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.

Comedian Pete Munoz @PtrMunoz and Steve Robinson @WoodBalloon

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Sweet HayaH

Sweet Hayah drop in to talk about camping, playing and their unoffical tour of Costco's. Included in this podcast are 4 tracks off their new Album Sweet Awakening, showcasing their funky poetic and rocking sound. See them Live:

Download from iTunes:

Follow us on instagram

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Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson pulls off the road to set a spell with Pete and Steve. This episode we talk about concerts, comedy and the midwest. This one was a ton of fun, and we know you'll enjoy it!

Check Phil out at

Follow Pete on instagram

And try our sponsors new InEarPeace EarPhones at

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